Discovery Releases "LP"

Track Listing: 1. Orange Shirt – 3:31 2. Osaka Loop Line – 4:02 3. Can You Discover?

– 2:22
4. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend featuring Angel Deradoorian – 2:40
5. So Insane – 3:13
6. Swing Tree – 2:38
7. Carby featuring Ezra Koenig – 3:07
8. I Want You Back (In Discovery) – 3:26 (The Corporation; Jackson 5 cover)
9. It's Not My Fault (It's My Fault) – 2:34
10. Slang Tang – 2:28

LP is the first album by the band Discovery, released July 7, 2009 on vinyl and July 14, 2009 on CD via XL Recordings. The first single is "Orange Shirt".

Started in 2005, Discovery released their debut album, LP, July 7, 2009 on XL Recordings. The album features guest vocal contributions from Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig and Dirty Projectors' Angel Deradoorian. It was described by music critic Patrick Sisson as "filled with innocent, lovelorn lyrics and the last 30 years' worth of guilty-pleasure keyboard cliches". The album received mixed reviews with Hugh Montgomery of The Observer describing it as "giddily populist and slyly inventive in equal measure" and Prefix calling it "a joyous run through the tropes of contemporary R&B", while Pitchfork Media's Scott Plagenhoef said "this could be your favorite or most-hated record of the year". Tom Hughes of The Guardian described it as "two American indie-rock gentlemen abandon guitars and try to prove their R&B chops over 30 ear-tearing minutes of handclaps, high-hats and inexpert synths." John Meagher of the Belfast Telegraph described it as "appalling".