Fifth Meeting of Illinois Admissions Review Commission

Agenda I. Call to Order and Introductory Remarks II. Public Testimony A. Mary Macmanus Ramsbottom - Assoc.

Dean, University of Illinois

B. Stephen R. Portch, Ph.D - Chancellor Emeritus, University System of Georgia (formerly Senior V.P. for Academic Affairs, University of Wisconsin System)

C. Joyce Smith - CEO, National Association of College Admission

III. Discussion

IV. Concluding Remarks and Adjournment

Former presidents and chancellors of the University of Illinois are laying much of the blame for the current admissions scandal at the feet of trustees, calling for sweeping changes on the board and the way it is appointed.

A letter from four former U. of I. leaders to the commission investigating admissions abuses falls just short of calling for the governor to fire the trustees, but says that some of them are more interested in personal gain than the well-being of the university.

"It is within the Governor's power to alter the composition of the board and ... appoint a generation of Trustees who will create a new culture of governance," wrote former Presidents Stanley Ikenberry and James Stukel and former Chancellors Morton Weir and Michael Aiken.

An ongoing Chicago Tribune investigation has found that trustees meddled in the applications process nearly 100 times in the last three years alone. Some applicants, including trustees' relatives, were admitted over the objections of admissions staff.