Baltimore Orioles defeat Toronto Blue Jays, 4-3

The All-Star break beckons, and the Orioles remain a study in contrast.

It's as if they have been playing tug of war with themselves for the past three months.

If you want proof, you need only look at the past couple of weeks, during which they have staged a series of unlikely comebacks that would seem to signal some inner reservoir of character and resilience, only to lapse quickly back into cellar ball just when their fans start to feel like the franchise might actual...

One last bird's eye view

Orioles manager Dave Trembley again watched the game from an unused broadcast booth as he finished serving the final day of his two-game suspension. Like Friday, bench coach Dave Jauss served as active manager, ending with a 1-1 record in his two-game stint. Toronto bench coach Brian Butterfield also managed Saturday while Cito Gaston missed his second consecutive game because of the death of his sister.

Stepping out on Eutaw

Luke Scott's ...

Melvin Mora was expecting an extra-base hit off the right-field wall in the 12th inning of Saturday night's 4-3 win over the Toronto Blue Jays when the ball kept carrying.

By the time he rounded first base, Mora realized he had just hit the second walk-off homer of his career and his first home run of any kind in 189 at-bats spanning a career-worst homerless drought of 51 games.

"When I was running and I crossed first base, I just think, 'Oh my god, all the questions...