President Barack Obama meets with Pope Benedict XVI

President Barack Obama sat down with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican on Friday for frank but constructive talks between two men who agree on helping the poor but disagree on abortion and stem cell research.

"It's a great honor," Obama said as he greeted the pope, thanking him for this first meeting, which lasted 30 minutes. They sat down at the pontiff's desk and exchanged pleasantries before reporters and photographers were ushered out of the ornate room.

What do you get for a man who already possesses leadership over one-sixth of the world's population not to mention the highest earthly authority in the church?

When President Obama's staff went searching for the perfect gift for Pope Benedict XVI, they called Louis DiCocco, owner of a religious gift shop in Philadelphia, for advice.

"Someone there remembered us from the Pope's last visit," DiCocco said in a phone interview today. He and his shop had design and built a chair used by the pope during his meeting with U.S. bishops in Washington last year.