Boston Red Sox defeat Baltimore Orioles, 6-5

BALTIMORE - Jonathan Papelbon, off the top of his head, doesn’t know the precise contents of the trophy case he keeps at home.

The case displays the baseballs he used to notch milestones, the tokens of his increasingly historic career. He does not know how many. “I got a bunch of them, man,’’ Papelbon said.

Papelbon tossed two more balls into his suitcase, the one he carries on to the Red Sox team charter, because he wanted to make certain they arrive safely in Boston.

BALTIMORE - The word came up again and again: character. Jason Varitek and Josh Beckett both used it, describing the way the Red Sox had come back yesterday, the way they had not given up, the way working a walk had led to a home run, and the way it had spiraled from there. Like the night before, only this time spiraling the Sox’ way, yet in a way they couldn’t have expected.

“That was a good character win for us,’’ Beckett said. “I wish I could say I had a lot to do wi...

BALTIMORE - Jason Bay took his hand from the side of his face and his fingers were covered in blood. He looked, confused for a second, then located a cut in his left ear. No, it wasn’t the five strikeouts that left him battered and bloody, but it certainly didn’t help.

“I strike out a lot,’’ said Bay, who has a team-high 76 this season. “Five times in a game is a first for me, but a win’s a win.

“Every time you open up the paper and have the box scores from the day b...

The momentum from Tuesday's improbable Orioles comeback at Camden Yards undoubtedly had legs for most of Wednesday afternoon.

Key hits were falling in, Boston's ace was falling apart and Brad Bergesen, the Orioles' rookie pitching sensation, was mowing down Red Sox hitters as if they had "Pawtucket" on the front of their uniforms.

Yet, just when it was reasonable to believe these plucky Orioles had stolen two of three from the mighty Red Sox, the home team re-gifted ...

Leadoff scoring

The Orioles' leadoff hitters reached base safely and scored in each of their first four innings. Only one Orioles run was not scored by a player leading off an inning. The Red Sox didn't put their lead hitter on with a hit or a walk until the ninth, when they mounted a four-run rally to tie the game at 5. Boston's leadoff hitter in the 11th, Jacoby Ellsbury, doubled and scored the winning run.

A scorching Ty

Ty Wigginton, who hit his sixth homer of...