Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings released

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is a video game published by LucasArts for the Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 2. The game is the third in the series of original 3D Indiana Jones games, preceded by Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.

The plot centers around Indy's search for the Staff of Moses[3]. It is set in 1939 (the year World War II begins, 18 years before the events in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and 1 year after The Last Crusade) and features a sequence set in San Francisco, involving a brawl outside a fireworks factory, and a fight atop a runaway cable car (inside the cable car in the Wii and Playstation 2 version). The destinations included in the game are Chinatown, Panama, Nepal and a zeppelin named The Odin. The Wii and the Playstation 2 version includes Sudan and Istanbul. The DS version includes Paris.