Colorado Rockies defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 3-2

It's probably not time to panic yet.

But this has become a recent trend.

The Milwaukee Brewers have built themselves into a competitive club, jerking away some of the national spotlight from bigger-market teams and making themselves a team no one can take lightly as they did in seasons past.

So holding leads during games is nothing uncommon for the Brewers. However, losing them, whether because of faulty pitching or muzzled bats, has become somewhat familiar latel...

When fans settle into their seats at Miller Park for a Milwaukee Brewers game, the last thing they want to see is an abusive or out-of-control fan.

This season, the Brewers are using cell phone technology to give fans the ability to text message security personnel. The response is quick, anonymous and, team officials hope, results in a peaceful, non-confrontational solution.

"This is about addressing nuisance behavior," said Matt Kenny, the Brewers' director of event...