Seattle Mariners defeat Minnesota Twins, 2-1

Joe Mauer was leading off the 10th inning on Friday night in Seattle.

He sliced a fly ball to left that Wladimir Balientien pursued clumsily and allowed to fall for a double.

The Minnesota folks who hung with this West Coast game until midnight were no doubt divided at that moment:

There were the fans pumping a fist toward the television and saying, "Atta boy, Joe," and there were the fatalists moaning, "Oh, no, Mauer got a double. Now, we'll never sign him."


SEATTLE - Before the Twins left on this 10-game road trip, Justin Morneau spoke of bringing their style of play from the Metrodome into opposing ballparks.

The Twins were 6-16 on the road, but 21-12 at home.

"We need to play our game, play with energy -- bunting, making things happen," Morneau said.

The road trip opened with the Twins doing just that in their 2-1, 10-inning victory over the Mariners late Friday.

The Twins tried a hit-and-run and a suicide squee...

SEATTLE - The airlines are charging more for luggage these days, so maybe it's been another cost-cutting move for the Twins, leaving all their timely hits at home.

Whatever the reason, the Twins have been abysmal on the road with runners in scoring position since mid-May. On Saturday, they had a chance to move above .500 for the first time since May 14 and failed again for the same tired reason.

Nick Blackburn had another strong start, but the Twins squandered their ...