Senator Robert Byrd Released From Hospital

Sen. Robert Byrd was released from the hospital Tuesday, after a six week stay that kept the 91-year-old West Virginia Democrat away from Capitol Hill.

A statement from Byrd's office said that he is "resting comfortably at home, where he will continue his recuperation and physical therapy." The statement did not say when the senator would return to work. The Senate is currently in recess for the Fourth of July holiday.

Byrd was hospitalized on May 15 with an infection and was expected to return to work after a few days. But the Senate's longest serving member developed a staph infection while being treated for his original infection.

After several weeks of hospitalization with a staph infection and recurring fevers, Senator Robert C. Byrd has been released and is recuperating at home, his office announced in a statement today.

The West Virginian Democrat, who turns 92 later this year and is the longest-serving senator, will continue to receive physical therapy at home

I am pleased to be home in anticipation of celebrating our Nation’s birthday with my loving family. I also thank everyone who sent me their good wishes and prayers.”

— Senator Byrd

Sen. Robert Byrd's office says he's been released from the hospital and is at his Washington-area home recuperating from a more-than monthlong illness.

The 91-year-old West Virginia Democrat, who is the longest-serving senator, is continuing physical therapy as he recovers from a staph infection he contracted while hospitalized for another infection.

Aides released scant details during his hospitalization, declining even to say where he received treatment.