Baltimore Orioles defeat Boston Red Sox, 11-10

BALTIMORE - By the time Jonathan Papelbon jogged in from the bullpen, the Red Sox celebratory mood had withered.

Where once they were mocking each other for leaving the field with just two outs on the scoreboard, now there was tension on the field and in the dugout. The rain had ruined everything.

John Smoltz had been proving himself worthy of a spot in the rotation, a bounce-back from his nerve-filled return to baseball. But 1 hour and 11 minutes of precipitation had f...


The Orioles were trailing 10-1 heading into the bottom of the seventh, when they mounted their greatest comeback. The Orioles' largest previous comeback was Sept. 2, 1956, when they made up an eight-run deficit at Boston to win, 11-10. On Tuesday night, the Orioles sent 10 batters up in the seventh, had seven hits and scored five runs. Then, in the eighth, another 10 batters hit, with six more hits and another five runs.



When most of the Boston Red Sox's defense mistakenly ran off the field after the second out of the sixth inning, it was hard to blame them. They had already sat through a rain delay of more than an hour, and with a nine-run lead over the Orioles at the time, the game appeared to be all but over.

The last thing anybody expected late Tuesday night at Camden Yards was the largest comeback in Orioles history to unfold. Trailing by nine runs in the seventh inning, the Oriole...