Cuba readmitted into the Organization of American States after a 47-year suspension

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (Reuters) - The Organization of American States lifted its 47-year suspension of Cuba on Wednesday in a move backed by Washington as it tries to soothe Cold War tensions with the communist-run island.

The 34-member hemispheric body, meeting in Honduras, unanimously scrapped a 1962 decision at the height of the Cold War that barred Cuba as revolutionary leader Fidel Castro took it toward communism and an alliance with the Soviet Union.

The Organisation of American States tonight lifted Cuba's half-century-old suspension in a dramatic decision to bring Havana back into Latin America's diplomatic fold.

The pan-regional body rebuffed the United States, which lobbied against the move, and revoked a 1962 cold war measure which had marked the communist island as a pariah.

"The cold war has ended this day in San Pedro Sula," said Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras, who hosted the 34-member organisation in Honduras's second city.