Manuel Zelaya Is Arrested

José Manuel Zelaya Rosales (born September 20, 1952) is a Honduran businessman and politician.

A son of a wealthy businessman, he finished high school and attended college. He inherited his father's title "Mel." Zelaya was involved in his ranch, logging and timber trade businesses. He was elected President of Honduras on November 27, 2005, with a narrow margin and was inaugurated on January 27, 2006. During his presidency, Zelaya lost the support of much of his own party.

The 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis or the 2009 Honduran coup d'état began on 28 June 2009, when soldiers of the Honduran military ousted President Manuel Zelaya and exiled him to Costa Rica. The military's seizure of the President preempted a non-binding plebiscite on the possibility of changes to the Constitution of Honduras, which the President had scheduled to be held later that day. The coup occurred in the context of an ongoing dispute between the President, who wanted to convene a National Assembly for the purpose of rewriting the Constitution, and his opponents, who held that such a procedure was illegal and expressed fears that a new constitution would allow the President to seek reelection, which is prohibited under the present constitution. Various official bodies declared that the 28 June poll would be illegal, including the Supreme Court, which on 26 June issued a secret order for the detention of President Zelaya. At dawn on the 28th, about 100 soldiers stormed the president's residence in the capital city, Tegucigalpa, overcame about ten presidential guards, bundled Zelaya onto the presidential jet, and dispatched him to San José, Costa Rica. Later that day, Roberto Micheletti, the Speaker of Parliament, and next in the Presidential line of succession, was sworn in as President by the National Congress. (the majority in Congress are from Zelaya's own Liberal party). Besides Zelaya, several dozen other officials including the Foreign Minister and the Mayor of San Pedro Sula were detained, and a "state of exception" suspending civil liberties was declared on 1 July by Micheletti's de facto government.