2009 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

The 2009 San Francisco Pride Theme is, "In Order to Form a More Perfect Union...." What is a Parade Contingent?

A parade contingent is essentially a street theater performance with its own theme, set, cast, sound and scenario. Art meets politics in the back of a truck or marching along Market Street. Whatever your entry may be, it should openly display something: showing yourself off, displaying your ideals, recognizing your friends or trashing your enemies - all done with a sense of artistic flair in full public view.

Gay Pride in San Francisco centers around a full weekend of parties, celebrations, and parades. The main events are a celebration at the Civic Center on Saturday, June 27, from noon until 6 pm, and a Parade on Market Street on Sunday at 10:30 am followed by another celebration at the Civic Center from noon until 7 pm that same day.