San Francisco-Based Cyberactivist Distributing USB Drives with Anti-Filter Software to Iranian Protesters Gets Major Media Coverage

Austin Heap, one of the leading Western hackers who helped Iranian dissidents and protesters get their videos and reports to the outside world following last month's disputed presidential election, has written a software program to get around Tehran's Internet filters.

Now, he says, he needs to get it to people in Iran — and one of the best ways to do so is via those ubiquitous "thumb drives."

"I get the tiny 128mb versions all the time at tech conferences, and now I've learned they're actually useful," Heap posted on his blog.

Haystack is a new program to provide unfiltered internet access to the people of Iran. A software package for Windows, Mac and Unix systems, called Haystack, specifically targets the Iranian government’s web filtering mechanisms.

Similar to Freegate, the program directed against China’s “great firewall,” once installed Haystack will provide completely uncensored access to the internet in Iran while simultaneously protecting the user’s identity. No more Facebook blocks, no more government warning pages when you try to load Twitter, just unfiltered Internet.