Bomb Kills At Least 69 in Baghdad

On June 24, 2009, an explosion occurred in the Muraidi Market of the Sadr City area of Baghdad, Iraq.

At least 69 people were killed and 150 others injured. An official said that the explosion was caused by a bomb hidden underneath a motorised vegetable cart in the market, as reported by the BBC and CNN. As reported by The New York Times, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said that it was caused by a bomb attached to a motorcycle. Shrapnel from the bomb injured people 600 metres (660 yd) away from the explosion. Civilians tried to help the injured following the explosion, until security forces forced them back to allow emergency services to enter the market. The Iraqi Army, the Iraqi government, the American military and Iraqi political parties were held responsible for the bombing by the witnesses and relatives of the wounded, who were looking for someone to blame. Politicians affiliated with Muqtada al-Sadr accused the 11th Brigade of the Iraqi Army, which is responsible for Sadr City, for the attack. The politicians also said that the American military was partly to blame, because they brought the 11th Brigade to the neighbourhood.