South Korea Unveils 'Red Shark' Vertical-Launch Anti-Sub Missile

And as tension continues to escalate on the Korean peninsula, South Korea has unveiled its new guided missile system to beef up its naval defense.

South Korea is the second country in the world, after the United States, to develop an anti-submarine missile system.

We have succeeded in developing 'Red Shark', a world-class, anti-submarine guided missile-torpedo which can be launched from our navy's destroyers.”

— Kim Young-san, Defense Acquisition Program Admin.

Korea has developed a long-range anti-submarine missile which can hit an enemy submarine about 20 km away. The “Red Shark” has a longer range and far sharper accuracy than the light torpedoes normally fired by conventional vessels or aircraft. The Defense Acquisition Program Agency developed the Red Shark at a cost of about W100 billion (US$1=W1, 276) by nine years. Europe, Russia and the