Sicilian Mafioso Salvatore Miceli Arrested in Venezuela

On June 20, 2009, Salvatore Miceli was arrested by police in Caracas, Venezuela.

The arrest was made after a joint operation between Italian and Venezuelan authorities and Interpol agents. Interpol had listed Miceli as the fifth most wanted man in Europe. He was apprehended as he left his house on Sunday, along with two other unnamed Italian suspects. Miceli, who had been on the run from authorities since 2001, had been under police surveillance for three days prior to his arrest. The former head of Italy's Antimafia parliamentary commission, Giuseppe Lumia, suggested that Miceli's arrest would be a major blow to the Sicilian Mafia and their trans-Atlantic drug trafficking operations. It is expected that he will be returned to Italy to face trial after Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez ordered that Miceli be deported from the country