President Obama Signs Groundbreaking Tobacco Regulation Bill into Law

Expressing a hope that America's teens will not be hooked as he was, President Obama just signed into law a bill granting the Food and Drug Administration sweeping new authority to regulate tobacco.

The president, shown here at the signing ceremony with lawmakers and teens representing the generation they're all trying to save, said he's trying to reduce the estimated 1,000 teenagers a day who become smokers.

Invoking his own personal experience as a teenage smoker, President Obama today predicted that a tough new law cracking down on cigarette marketers will help young people make the choice not to take up the habit with which he has struggled for years.

As he signed the measure into law in a Rose Garden ceremony this afternoon, Obama said it would help stem the "constant and insidious barrage of advertising" that draws millions of teenagers every year into a lifelong struggle to quit.

"I know," Obama said. "I was one of those teenagers. I know how difficult it is."