Detroit Tigers defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 10-4

Detroit — The rain was late.

But its anticipated effect didn't waver a bit.

With two outs in the bottom of the fourth inning and the Detroit Tigers having just taken the lead over the Milwaukee Brewers, the sky opened and the downpour hit Comerica Park and its patrons with force.

The delay lasted more than two hours with the rain dropping hard one minute and completely clearing the next before returning in another instant. It was unpredictable enough that the park...

DETROIT (AP) Marcus Thames was worth the wait. So were both replays.

He hit a pair of two-run homers and the Detroit Tigers rallied to beat the Milwaukee Brewers 10-4 Friday night in a rain-shortened game that ended with one out in the bottom of the seventh.

The game was also halted by rain for 2 hours, 3 minutes in the fourth after Detroit took the lead, and featured two replay reversals. One gave the Tigers a homer, the other took it away and made it a double - but...