First meeting of Illinois Admissions Review Commission

State of Illinois
Admissions Review Commission
Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2009
Members Present: Abner Mikva (Chair), Ricardo Estrada, Bernard Judge, Doris
Lowry, Chuck Scholz, Zaldawynaka Scott, Maribeth VanderWeele
Members Absent: None
Called to order at 1:44pm.
I. Introduction
A. Each commissioner introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of their
educational background and work experience. For the benefit of their fellow
commissioners and the public, each commissioner disclosed any connection he or she
may have with the University of Illinois (U of I) system.
II. Discussion of Commission’s Purpose and Review
A. Chairman Mikva briefly reviewed Governor Quinn’s Executive Order establishing
the Commission.
B. Chairman Mikva also gave a brief overview of the Commission’s mission and
purpose. The Executive Order charges the Commission to determine if the
University’s conduct with respect to “Category I” applicants affords these individuals
favorable consideration in the admissions process. The Commission is also asked to
examine and evaluate the admissions policies and practices of the University and to
make recommendations to assure best practices.
III. Initial Steps of Review
A. Investigation and Review of Admissions Policies and Practices
1. Theodore Chung, General Counsel from the Office of the Governor, informed the
Commission that he requested documents from the University pertaining to the
investigation. The General Counsel and legal staff will assist the Commission in
the investigation of admissions practices at the University.
2. Testimony of Keith Marshall- Associate Provost for Enrollment Management,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (represented by Thomas Bearrows-
University Counsel)
a. Brief overview of U of I Admissions Policy, including what factors impact
admission and a description of his role in the admissions process.
b. Explanation of different admission categories and schools at the University of
Illinois: Regular, Athletics, Category I, Graduate, and Professional.
c. In-depth explanation and definition of Category I admissions process.
Answered questions from commissioners regarding when the university
initiated Category I; who makes recommendations on behalf of students; how
these inquires are handled and whether this process is outlined in University
of Illinois policy; how many applicants are included in Category I; how many
Category I students were admitted to the University of Illinois: and who
ultimately makes the decision for Category I admissions.
3:20p- 3:30p 10 Minute Break
B. Analysis of Legal and Regulatory Framework
1. Commissioner Scott volunteered her time and the time of attorneys at hew law
firm to conduct an analysis of the legal and regulatory framework to guide the
Commission’s work
C. Survey of Peer Universities
1. Commissioner Scott and the Governor’s Office of the General Counsel will
send requests to various schools to compare admissions policies.
2. Chairman Mikva noted that he would like to see comparisons between other
Big Ten schools as well as select private schools.
IV. Setting Future Meeting Schedule
A. The next meeting will take place Monday, June 29th from 1:30 to 3:30, in Chicago.
Location to be determined.
B. Chairman Mikva and commissioners will set the schedule for future meetings shortly.
These meetings will be posted on the website.
C. Chairman Mikva and commissioners agree that at least one of the Commission’s
meetings should be held at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
V. Action items
A. Chairman Mikva conducted a more detailed explanation of the scope of the
Commission’s review for the members.
B. Chairman Mikva and commissioners discussed witnesses that the Commission would
be interested in calling for future meetings
C. Chairman Mikva reviewed the Open Meetings Act.
D. Commission website is at
VI. Conclusion and Adjournment
Adjourned at 4pm