All Television Broadcasting Switches from Analog to Digital Format

June 12th, 2009 - Isn’t today the big big day for the transition to digital television?

You can be forgiven for forgetting — in fact that’s just how the Obama administration wants it.

Ill-prepared back in February, when the U.S. was supposed to go all-digital all the time, the government decided to push back the switchover date by four months. Experts tell the Los Angeles Times that the delay should help avoid major problems, although about 2.8 million people could be left out in the cold when they try to turn on the tube.

Television stations across the United States powered down their analog signals on Friday, hours ahead of the long-awaited midnight deadline for the country to switch to fully digital TV broadcasts.

The transition day was a tense one at some stations, as they ended analog broadcasts and awaited calls from viewers still confused by the changeover and others having reception problems. According to Nielsen, about 2.8 million homes are completely unprepared for the transition. An additional 9.5 million homes are only partly ready, meaning that they may have upgraded some of their TVs, but not all of them.