Seattle Mariners defeat Baltimore Orioles, 6-3

Branyan's missile Seattle's Russell Branyan led off the seventh with a solo home run against Brian Bass that landed a few rows from the top of the center-field bleachers.

It was measured at 450 feet, tied for sixth longest in Camden Yards history.

A rough early return

Seattle left-hander Garrett Olson, making his first appearance in Camden Yards since being traded to the Chicago Cubs for Felix Pie, wasn't greeted warmly by his old buddies. In the first inning, he ...

They had seen this from Seattle Mariners starter Garrett Olson many times before. They have watched him struggle to throw strikes, allow a litany of hard-hit balls and ultimately depart a game before it reached the middle innings.

It was all setting up perfectly for the Orioles to have the breakout offensive performance that manager Dave Trembley has been predicting for days. And yet it never came, and it's fair to wonder when it will for a lineup that just can't get go...