Tampa Bay Rays crush Red Sox, 14 - 5

Mom and I went to Fenway and saw the bad kind of blowout.

Almost got interesting there, but, we lose 14-5. At least, again, I got to catch some innings from good seats. A few pics to come later. Hughes got destroyed in Balty, and the Yanks lost in the same fashion, so we got that goin' for us. The Jays won, so we're a game back.

Rays - 200 065 100 - 14 17 2
Red Sox - 010 022 000 - 5 10 1

Work pulled me away from this one in the third inning, so I missed all of the fun. Toronto beat Oakland 6-4. We are 1 GB.

Jon Lester imploded in the 5th on Saturday alllowing 6 runs on 8 hits in the inning.