Confessions of a PackRat - RailsConf

When the Facebook game PackRat was released in early 2008, it quickly took off, and now serves over 12 million page views a day.

This session will highlite some of the lessons learned while building and scaling the game—including hard numbers, and code. Specifically:

Using the cloud: the pros and cons of running a popular app on EC2, S3, SQS, and SimpleDB.
MySQL pitfalls: how scaling the database tier nearly killed us, and how we survived.
Caching strategies: memcached vs. memoization, and the best of both worlds.
Interacting with Facebook: third-party libraries vs. rolling your own.
Dealing with cheaters: detecting and thwarting duplicate accounts, bots, and GreaseMonkey hacks.
Why we re-wrote the application from scratch, against conventional wisdom.