In Praise of Non-Fixtured Data - RailsConf

This talk explores why fixtures are mostly bad, what can be done to “fix” the unmanageable miscreant that fixtures have evolved into, and cross-examines the new breed of data generators.

First, you have to acknowledge that there is a problem with fixtures. You just don’t know it. I’ll show you why you are wrong. If you already want to stab fixtures in the eye socket with a rusty spoon I’m not talking to you.

Second, we will investigate patterns of data generation. These make up the foundation of the libraries examined in the third part of the talk. And finally there will be a fixture replacement shoot-out so to speak. From “roll your own” data generators to the more popular exemplar libraries like Object Daddy, Factory Girl and Machinist, we will decide which one best remedies the fixtures fiasco.