Gov 2.0: Transparency, Collaboration, and Participation in Practice - RailsConf Panel

This panel will present views on how to improve civic life, protect democracy and hold politicians accountable using Web 2.0 technology.

The panelists will lay out the massive need for programmers to deploy their skills in reimagining government in a way that promotes transparency, collaboration and public participation.

With new leadership in the executive branch that believes in openness and open technologies, the opportunities to create interactivity with government are almost limitless.

Daniel Lathrop will provide an overview of the new meaning of open government and the role of citizen-developers.

Eric Mill will describe the work being done at Sunlight Labs, the premiere developer of open government software. He’ll also talk about their recent Apps for America contest which gave thousands of dollars in prizes to the best users of APIs from the Sunlight Foundation, Labs’ parent company.

Wynn Netherland will present TweetCongress, a Twitter directory developed by Squeejee that allows citizens to find Congressional Congresstweeple and petition non-Tweeting members of Congress to get on Twitter. TweetCongress won a SXSW Web award and, because Squeejee open-sourced it, the software is being used around the world.

For those that want to get their hands dirty, there will be a transparency hack-a-thon BoF the evening of this panel.