Building a Mini-Google: High-Performance Computing in Ruby - RailsConf

High-performance computing may not be Ruby’s strength on the surface, but there is a great number of gems and third party packages which are often overlooked when it comes to this topic.

We will assume no prior knowledge of PageRank (Google’s ranking algorithm) and will walk through the basic theory and computational challenges behind it. Along the way, we will look at a hands on example of computing PageRank for a 1-million page web, and the tools behind it:

- Ruby GSL – Working with GNU Scientific Library
- Linalg – Ruby Linear Algebra
- NArray – Numerical Ruby
- And others…

As a bonus, you’ll find that the ideas behind PageRank are surprisingly simple and powerful (no math-wiz certification required) and can be easily applied to many existing social and content networks – better recommendations, search, and discovery.