Below and Beneath TDD: Test Last Development and Other Real-World Test Patterns - RailsConf

Everybody knows about test/fail/code/refactor and red/green/clean.

When testing in the wild, though, everybody slips and slides a little. This talk explores what makes Test Driven Development really work by showing what happens where the process breaks down, focusing on rapid feedback as the key to a successful test-driven process. It also creates a vocabulary for talking about malformed test processes. These sort-of test processes include:

- Data Driven Testing (test/code/insert result into test/pass)
- Test Next Development (code/code/test/refactor)
- Test Last Development (code/code/code/code/code/test)
- Coverage Driven Testing
- Tautology Based Testing
- Big Test Setup Testing (setup/test/test/test/code/refactor)