Book on Rod Blagojevich, "Pay to Play," is released

I did actually talk to several psychiatrists. They did point me toward the Mayo Clinic's definition of a narcissistic personality disorder, someone who is very much in need of attention. All of this is to cover up a lack of self-esteem”

— Elizabeth Brackett, author of "Pay to Play" on why Rod Blagojevich rarely left his house

In the years WTTW reporter Elizabeth Brackett covered Rod Blagojevich, she learned a few things about what makes him tick, and she has compiled them in a new book called Pay to Play.

ROD Blagojevich's feet are about to get held to the fire (again) in a new book that paints the ousted Illinois governor as an ego-driven liar who kept his staff in the dark, cursed the press and was so inconsiderate, he showed up late to a state funeral.