Game 50: Boston Red Sox lose to Toronto Blue Jays 5 - 3

Red Sox - 120 000 000 - 3 4 1
Blue Jays - 101 001 20x - 5 14 0

Tallet had a rough time through the first eight Boston batters -- 42 pitches, three walks and two hits, including Rocco Baldelli's two-run home run -- but then something clicked (7-3-3-4-6, 118).

Befitting his under-the-radar persona, Ramon Ramirez has been perhaps the most underrated member of the Red Sox this season, turning in a string of dominant performances out of the bullpen. But with Saturday's game against the Blue Jays on the line, Ramirez faltered.

The Red Sox managed just 4 hits the ith 5-3 loss and two of those came from Mike Lowell. The only other bright spot in this game was Baldelli's hiomer run, but he ended up leaving the game wit ha bruised knee after sliding into a wall.