Carolina Hurricanes defeat Boston Bruins, 3-0

It was a good night for Hartford.

A good night for the Hartford Whalers Booster Club. Not such a good night for the Boston Bruins.

The former Whalers, now the Carolina Hurricanes, beat the Bruins, 3-0, at the Garden last night to even their second-round playoff series, 1-1. This made a small band of brothers and sisters happy back in America's File Cabinet, once the home of today's Hurricanes.

Should we really be surprised that there are still folks in Connecticut wh...

Zdeno Chara, virtually stapled to Carolina center Eric Staal like the shadow stitched to Peter Pan, has been a virtual black hole for opponents during the playoffs. Enter Chara's space? Offenses venture there only to wither and die.

But last night, the Hurricanes proved that the 6-foot-9-inch strongman isn't a goal-eliminating cyborg after all.

In the second period, Chara was on the ice when Staal, pointless against the Bruins in five previous matches this season, fe...