Roland Burris writing his memoirs, may title it "Empty Seat"

Burris is working on writing his memoir and already has a chapter written.

It talks about Burris' phone call with Former Governor Rod Blagojevich's brother.

On the federal wiretap tape Burris promises to "personally do something" for the governor. It comes at the same time he was going after the senate seat.

Following in Blago's footsteps, Burris is taking the first steps to getting a memoir published, according to the Sun-Times' super sleuth Michael Sneed. Because Burris obviously has nothing going on and has plenty of time to write a book. Sneed says Burris has retained Lloyd Jassin to help him pitch the book, which Jassin says, "It is temporarily being called The Empty Seat."

A New York literary agent says Illinois Sen. Roland Burris has written the first chapter of a memoir and hopes to have a publishing contract in three to four weeks.

Lloyd Jassin says the chapter deals with Burris' "dilemma" of getting an unsolicited phone call from former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's brother.