Red Sox lose game 46 of season, 5 - 2 to the Minnesota Twins

Red Sox - 000 010 100 - 2 9 0 Twins - 000 050 00x - 5 7 1 Lester (6-6-5-3-4, 100) faltered in the fifth inning, with Justin Morneau's three-run line drive home run to right being the big blow.

Lester's ERA rose to 6.07.

Jacoby Ellsbury scored both Red Sox runs. He also singled to begin the game, and extend his hit streak to 21 games. He stole two bases and made a tremendous diving catch in deep right-center in the fifth inning, before the Twins did their damage.

Red Sox lose 5-2. The classic "one bad inning" for Lester. (If he was a Yankee, they'd just throw that inning out, call it a masterful performance, and start filming the Yankeeography.) After we took a 1-0 lead, Wicked Sid gave 5 right back. Jacoby extended the hit streak to 21, though. And Toronto lost, so we're still in first.

Jon Lester's frustration level has to be approaching Big Papi levels right now.

Once again he battled through the first through innings, getting strikeouts and throwing goose eggs on the scorboard... but when the Twins got their third look at Lester they exploded for 5 quick runs. And with Nick Blackburn dealing, the Sox managed just tow runs and lost 5-2.