New York Mets defeat Washington Nationals, 6-1

Gary Sheffield and Livan Hernandez have combined to play 36 seasons and 2,905 games, and Tuesday night, it was their bat and arm, respectively, that spurred the Mets to a 6-1 victory over the Nationals.

But years from now, if all goes according to the Mets' lofty plans, this game will be remembered for the kid whose major league career is now one-game old, and counting.

With the injuries continuing to pile up - Jose Reyes and Ryan Church were placed on the disabled list...

The last thing on Livan Hernandez's mind was his pitch count.

What's another 127 tosses after he also had thrown, by his estimation, about 85 pitches while warming up in the bullpen before going the distance in the Mets' 6-1 victory over the Nationals Tuesday night at Citi Field.

"I could've gone maybe 20 more (pitches)," Hernandez said after throwing the first Mets complete game this season. "I needed to build up my arm, my shoulder....Now I feel really good."


Always with the Mets, you're not quite sure whether their doctors are guessing wrong or whether management is simply pasting a smiley emoticon on each and every prognosis. It's fine if they want to fib to the media. It's not so good if they are deluding themselves.

Before they dispatched the horrendous Nats Tuesday night, 6-1, the Mets finally made some overdue triage decisions. Jose Reyes and Ryan Church were assigned to the DL. Carlos Beltran was benched and rested fo...