Mat Kearney releases "City of Black & White"

City of Black & White is the third studio album by Mat Kearney, released on May 19, 2009.

It follows his 2006 major-label debut Nothing Left to Lose. The first single "Closer to Love" was released on March 10, 2009 as a digital download. To promote the album, Kearney toured with Keane and The Helio Sequence. On the day of its release, the bonus track version peaked at #7 on the iTunes Top Albums, and the standard version peaked at #19. Kearney wrote the title track while traveling in Turkey. He explained that this song "was born on a ferry as I crossed the Bosphorus River, which splits Istanbul in two." . "Fire & Rain" was also released as a digital download to Myspace the week of the album release. Immediately after the album was released, "Lifeline" was used in commercial adverisment for season 3 of Lifetime Television's Army Wives. The commercial has been aired not only on Lifetime but ABC as well.

1. "All I Have"- 4:49
2. "Fire & Rain"- 3:50 (Mat Kearney, Robert Marvin)
3. "Closer to Love" – 3:37 (Mat Kearney, Robert Marvin, Josiah Bell)
4. "Here We Go" – 4:14 (Mat Kearney, Robert Marvin)
5. "Lifeline" - 4:14 (Mat Kearney, Trent Dabbs, Matthew Perryman Jones)
6. "New York to California"- 4:15
7. "Runaway Car" - 4:12
8. "Never Be Ready" - 3:37 (Mat Kearney, Trent Dabbs, Hilary Lindsey)
9. "Annie" - 3:49
10. "Straight Away" - 3:51
11. "On and On" - 4:02 (Mat Kearney, Kate York)
12. "City of Black & White" - 5:38 (Mat Kearney, Michael Logan)
13. "Everyone I Know" (iTunes bonus track) - 4:33
14. "Here We Go (acoustic)" (iTunes bonus track) - 4:04
15. "Closer to Love (acoustic)" (iTunes pre-order bonus track) - 5:06
16. "Save A Line" (Best Buy bonus track) - 4:09
17. "Fire & Rain (Acoustic)" (Best Buy bonus track) - 3:51