Chicago White Sox defeat Minnesota Twins, 6-2

CHICAGO - Pitching coach Rick Anderson looked like he was speaking for Twins fans everywhere Tuesday night, when the camera showed him scolding Scott Baker after a painfully long second inning.

Coming off a nightmarish four-game series at Yankee Stadium, the Twins needed Baker to be their stopper, especially since the White Sox countered with Mark Buehrle.

But once again, Baker failed to live up to the potential the Twins saw when they gave him a four-year, $15.25 mi...

CHICAGO - Sean Henn's long journey to the Twins bullpen on Tuesday can be traced to 2006, when the Yankees decided his best chance to make it as a big league pitcher was as a reliever.

He made three starts for the Yankees in 2005, with his fastball reaching 92 miles per hour. But with his 6-4 build, they figured the lefthander might start hitting 95 mph in shorter relief stints.

The first time Henn pitched in relief in 2006 for Class AAA Columbus, he pulled his groin...