New York Yankees defeat Minnesota Twins, 7-6

Maybe Tuesday Phil Coke will allow himself to feel some happiness about taking over the closer's role from Mariano Rivera for one night and earning his first career save.

Because in the clubhouse after Monday night's game, he spoke like a man who had just been through a harrowing experience.

"It's totally, totally different than I imagined it would be," the 26-year-old lefty reliever said of trying to lock down the final outs. "It's not the sixth, seventh or eighth - th...

Andy Pettitte knew almost from the start that Monday night would be a struggle. He just hoped no one would get hurt in his pursuit of his fourth victory of the season.

"Man, it was a battle, that's for sure," said Pettitte, who was tagged for two runs and three hits in the first inning alone. "For a little while I was getting concerned for my health and the safety of my players out there, they were hitting so many balls hard around the field."

It was certainly not vi...

When Mark Teixeira and the Yankees broke out for six runs in the first inning Monday night, it seemed as if they would finally be able to enjoy a drama-free win after three consecutive victories in their final at-bat.

Think again.

The Bombers' bats went quiet after the initial outburst, while Andy Pettitte and three relievers allowed the Twins to creep back into the game. With Mariano Rivera unavailable after pitching three innings over the last two days, Joe Girardi...