New York Mets defeat San Francisco Giants, 7-4

SAN FRANCISCO - Carlos Beltran benefited from another ninth-inning close call at third base.

And David Wright had a big hit in the clutch.

As a result, the Mets opened a challenging 10-game trip with a depleted lineup, yet a positive result.

With Jose Reyes sitting for the first time this season after his right calf stiffened on the cross-country flight, and with Carlos Delgado seemingly moving closer to surgery than a return from right hip woes, the Mets beat San Fr...

SAN FRANCISCO - Carlos Delgado and J.J. Putz could be headed for surgeries, although both hope to play the rest of the season before even considering procedures.

Meanwhile, the shorthanded Mets also played without Jose Reyes Thursday night because of right calf pain, which prompted an MRI. Jerry Manuel insisted Reyes sitting wasn't a smoke screen to bench the shortstop for sloppy baserunning in Wednesday's home-stand finale.

Putz, whose velocity has sagged as his ERA...

The myth the Mets have tried to sell everyone the last couple of years is that Jose Reyes is still young, that he'll stop making bonehead plays when he matures as a major leaguer. Only it's faulty logic any way you want to dissect it.

For one thing, in baseball terms Reyes is not young at all anymore. He'll be 26 in a few weeks, he's been in the major leagues for seven seasons, and it's not as if he came to the game late. He grew up playing it in the Dominican Republic,...