Todd Stroger admits to owing almost $12,000 in back taxes

The year before I just got a bill that was too big for me to handle at one time.”

— Todd Stroger

As he takes political heat for blocking a push to lower county sales taxes, Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is in hot water for a more personal tax issue:

He owes Uncle Sam nearly $12,000 for unpaid income taxes, recently filed records show.

The Internal Revenue Service slapped a $11,668.10 lien on Stroger and his wife earlier this year. The Strogers have yet to fully pay that debt, meaning the federal government could hold up a sale of the Strogers' house or other property if payment terms aren't reached.

Records show Stroger owes nearly $12,000 in unpaid income taxes. A lien even placed on his home.

The nature or circumstances surrounding the Stroger family's IRS debt is unknown. The government does not provide any details regarding individual cases. But there was a printed tax lien sent to the recorder of deeds office nearly two months ago. That document apparently was leaked, causing the latest embarrassment for the county's top executive.