Game 33: Boston Red Sox beat Los Angeles Angels 4 - 3

Red Sox - 010 000 021 - 4 8 2
Angels - 100 100 100 - 3 6 0

The night owls were rewarded with a win (at 1:27 AM) as the Red Sox tied the game in the eighth and Jason Varitek doubled home J.D. Drew in the top of the ninth for what turned out to be the winning run.

1:29: Papelbon gets the save. We win 4-3. Scioscia pissed again.

!:!!: Sox take the lead in the ninth on Tek's double, scoring Drew from first!

Jered Weaver frustrated the Red Sox for seven inning last night, but Justin Masterson kept the game close, despite six innings of wackiness, and the Angels bullpen eventually coughed up 3 runs - handing the Red Sox a 4-3 victory.