Los Angeles Dodgers defeat San Diego Padres, 4-1

SAN DIEGO — How could that be true?

"No way," Russell Martin said. "I don't believe that."

How could the Dodgers' 4-1 victory over the San Diego Padres on opening day mark the first loss they've pinned on Jake Peavy in more than five seasons?

How could something that felt so casual have taken so long to happen?

Everything fell into place Monday at Petco Park for the Dodgers, who scored early, added to their lead on a seventh-inning home run by Matt Kemp and rec...

FROM SAN DIEGO — As openers go, it was three hours' worth of corkscrew.

The Dodgers twisted and twisted their way into the San Diego Padres until . . . Loney . . . Kemp . . . Broxton . . . Pop!

As openers go, it was painstaking and laborious and delightful.

Beginning in April sunshine, ending in October shadows, it was a game that mirrored the Dodgers' dreams for a season.

They beat a team they must beat -- the downtrodden Padres, 4-1.

They beat an ace t...

SAN DIEGO — Hiroki Kuroda returned on Monday to the same park where he made his spectacular major league debut a year ago.

Kuroda didn't pitch as long as he did that day last April and he wasn't as dominant. But he said the win he earned in the Dodgers' 4-1 victory over the San Diego Padres at Petco Park on this day was more satisfying. Or, at the very least, more stressful.

"I was very conscious of the fact that they made me the opening-day starter," he said in Japa...