CSX claims it has proven firm was behind fraud

CSX Transportation pleads in federal court that it has presented plenty of proof for a claim that asbestos lawyers from Pittsburgh pulled a fraud.

On April 6, CSX asked U.S. District Judge Frederick Stamp for partial summary judgment against Robert Gilkison and the firm of Peirce, Raimond and Coulter.

The motions would bring a quick conclusion to a single sensational fraud claim within a suit alleging widespread fraud in the Peirce firm's suits against CSX.

The single claim revolves around substitution of one man's body for another in an X-ray screening session.

For CSX, Marc Williams of Huntington argued that Gilkison helped former railroad workers Ricky May and Daniel Jayne produce a false claim.

Specifically, it is undisputed that defendant [Robert] Gilkison was aware, both before Mr. May and Mr. Jayne performed their X-ray switch and prior to Mr. May's settlement with CSX, that a fraud was occurring.”

— Marc Williams