"Like a Boss" SNL Digital Short

"Like a Boss" is the tenth track and fourth single from The Lonely Island's Incredibad. The song is a parody of the first official single from Slim Thug's first album Already Platinum, also named 'Like a Boss'.

e video features Seth Rogen, recording over the vocals done by Akiva Schaffer on the single. In the song, Andy Samberg is a businessman having a performance review. Samberg is asked to describe the things he does in an average day, and does so for the remainder of the song in his trademark aggressive style while repeating the lyric "like a boss" after every activity, presumably to emphasize his professionalism or prowess at that particular activity. He lists events which are fairly mundane at first but gradually become more bizarre, for example: approving memos,promoting synergy, leading workshops,sending faxes, eating bagels, hitting on his secretary & getting rejected, drinking vodka, defecating on his secretary's desk,receiving a harassment lawsuit (given to him by Jorma Taccone),jumping out a window, buying a gun and cocaine (from Akiva Schaffer), giving oral sex (to Bill Hader & on himself), chopping off his testicles, having sexual intercourse with a giant fish, turning into a jet, bombing Russia, flying into the sun and dying. The video ends with Samberg repeating the words "I'm the boss" as Seth Rogen walks away, annoyed.