Taylor Swift Gives A Free Concert To Students From Bishop Ireton High School

On April 28, 2009, Swift gave a free, private concert to students at Bishop Ireton High School, a small Catholic school in Alexandria, Virginia after the school won a national "TXT 2 WIN" contest from Verizon Wireless.

The students sent over 19,000 text messages to Verizon during a roughly one month long contest. Swift played for about an hour during the school's field day, an annual day-long recess with games and activities.

Ireton made national news in April 2009 when it won a Verizon Wireless contest by sending the company 19,000 text messages,more than any other school in the country. Taylor Swift performed a free concert for the students in Ireton's state-of-the-art Garwood Whaley Auditorium.