Red Sox beat Cleveland Indians, 3 -1, in Game 19; extend winning streak to 11

The Red Sox entered the ninth inning in a scoreless tie, thanks to stellar performances by Tim Wakefield and Cliff Lee. Enter Jason Bay, who connected on a three-run blast that extended Boston's winning streak to 11.

Many people believe in the wisdom of the ancients. Although they speak to us in cryptic, mysterious ways; although their words come in the form of a riddle wrapped in conundrum, bound in a lockbox, and lightly sauteed with pretension, their words still come through. Sometimes we must interpret their wisdom freely.

Red Sox - 000 000 003 - 3 8 0
Spiders - 000 000 001 - 1 4 1

11 consecutive wins!

Wakefield (7-1-0-4-5, 112, 1.86 ERA) and Lee (8-5-0-0-5, 106) traded goose eggs for most of the game. And once Lee left the mound, the Red Sox pounced.

Facing Kerry Wood in the ninth, Dustin Pedroia walked and David Ortiz dropped a single into short center. Kevin Youkilis flew out to short right, bring up Jason Bay, who had hit the ball hard in his previous three trips, singling twice.