Red Sox beat Yankees, 16 - 11, in game 17 of season

A six-run deficit in the fourth inning and a one-run hole in the seventh couldn't discourage the Red Sox, who set a franchise record for April with their ninth straight win behind Jason Varitek's grand slam and Mike Lowell's seventh-inning homer, which changed the lead for good.

It's an axiom that good pitching beats good hitting. Today's game showed us that great hitting hurts mediocre pitching (the starters) and crushes terrible pitching (the Yankee bullpen). Okajima vultured a win out of this mess, but the real credit for victory should go to the Red Sox batters, who clubbed 16 runs, including 8 off an AJ Burnett who looked dominant early on (three scoreless innings to start).

Yankees - 202 202 210 - 11 15 1
Red Sox - 000 531 34x - 16 13 1

Wow. Hard to recap this one. Some highlights:

Beckett threw a whopping 73 pitches in the first three innings, but managed to stick around for five frames (5-10-8-4-3, 116). Burnett (5-8-8-3-3, 91) also allowed eight runs. The last time both starters in a Yankees-Red Sox game each allowed at least eight runs was June 26, 1987 (Tommy John and Roger Clemens).

Varitek's first-pitch grand slam with two outs in the 4th brought the Sox from 6-1 to 6-5.

I was psyched my mom could be there Friday, and now I'm just as psyched that Kim was with me today. Another crazy comeback win. I'm gonna do some describin' and leave the pics for later.

Saturday: We didn't do any pregame, just got there in time for first pitch. Great day--hot when the sun was out, perfect when it was behind clouds, dreamy when it went down and a cooling breeze came through. No major Yankee fan-age around us in our bleacher section, but just across the great divide, in the grandstand, their fans were representing in scattered but noticeable fashion. It's a shame that the truest fans in Fenway--the right field corner people, had to share the area with the enemy, who were all fooled into buying neck-craning seats by scalpers, I'm sure. But of course it makes for more fun and fights and ejections.