Milwaukee Brewers defeat Houston Astros, 9-8

HOUSTON (AP) Ryan Braun and the Milwaukee Brewers responded after blowing a ninth-inning lead against the Houston Astros.

Braun delivered a tiebreaking RBI single in the 11th for his fourth hit, leading the Brewers to a 9-8 victory on Saturday night.

"I never thought it was over, never, not until the last swing and miss," Milwaukee manager Ken Macha said. "Look at your research on that team, the Astros lineup. They haven't scored a lot of runs but I never felt the ga...

Houston - A fourth consecutive victory and a second consecutive series was there for them.

Three times.

All the Milwaukee Brewers had to do was close out the Houston Astros, and what started as a gloomy season all of a sudden would turn bright.

They failed.

But only twice.

The Brewers' bullpen couldn't hold leads in the eighth and ninth innings, but it refused to relinquish the one it inherited in the 11th. Right-hander Mark DiFelice finally pushed the door ...