Timelines.com Launches

Timelines.com is the first web site that enables people to collaboratively record and share history.

It's history recorded by the people, for the people.

You can record the details of events, connect them in space (location) and through time to other related events, and contribute to a better collective understanding of what occurred at a particular place and time.

History is made up of a series of events. Timelines.com enables people to record the specifics of events with descriptions, photos, videos and other references. Once an event is recorded, it is shared with other Timelines users who can contribute their unique information to the chronicling of it. Users of Timelines collectively vote on what is the best way to remember that event, without censoring the contributions of others. Also, the event becomes a permanent part of Timelines, so that others can learn about it and how that event is connected to other events related based on time, place and/or topic.

Timelines.com launches! Brian, Scott, Geoff, Zach and I were present. Trevor was sunning himself in Hawaii.