Red Sox lose at Los Angeles Angels, 6 - 3, in Game 4 of season

Late night loss, 6-3. Wake didn't do all that bad.

We have been getting robbed in the field a lot, but we need more key hits.

We wore the new alternate blues, complete with blue socks, which were shown off by Masterson. I like how the names are directly sewn on as opposed to being on nameplates. I assume it'll be like that for the new grays which we'll break out tomorrow. I don't like the names at all, but they're gonna be there, scrap the plates.

Red Sox- 001 000 020 - 3 7 0
Angels- 030 000 30X - 6 10 2

It was a poor night from start to finish.

In the first, Wakefield got the first two outs on only seven pitches. He then loaded the bases on two walks and a HBP, but escaped trouble. In the second, he was in hot water right away. A walk, single, fielder's choice, double and single = a 3-0 LAA lead.

Jered Weaver reached down to the mound with his finger and etched Nick Adenhart’s initials in the dirt.

Then it was time to pitch.

So Weaver did the best he could to gather his emotions, striking out eight in a strong season debut that served as a tribute to his friend and rookie teammate.

Weaver and the grief-stricken Los Angeles Angels, still mourning Adenhart’s shocking death, returned to baseball Friday night with a 6-3 victory over the Boston Red Sox.