Taylor Swift Airs On CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Swift made her primetime television acting debut on CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on March 5, 2009 in the U.S. and Canada. The episode was watched by 20.8 million viewers.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is an American crime drama television series. CSI premiered on CBS on October 6, 2000. The ninth season finished airing on May 14, 2009. The show was created by Anthony E. Zuiker and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. It is filmed primarily at Universal Studios in Universal City, California.

CSI trails the investigations of a team of Las Vegas forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other crimes. For the first eight and a half seasons, the show starred William Petersen as Dr. Gil Grissom, the night shift supervisor who excels in crime scene investigation. In the middle of the ninth season, Petersen left and was replaced by Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Raymond Langston, a former medical doctor who turns criminalist in an attempt to rid himself of past demons.

Taylor Swift as Haley Jones in the Season 9 episode "Turn, Turn, Turn."